WWE Wrestlers as Star Wars Characters

From a galaxy far, far away to the most exciting in-ring action on this planet, my name is Mark Adam Haggerty and I’m here to bring you the most thrilling mash-up since 50 Cent traded tunes with Nine Inch Nails.

Aside from my tireless devotion to the sport of Sports Entertainment, I’ve always been a big Star Wars fanatic as well. I probably started believing in Hulkamania about the same time I began learning the ways of The Force. Just as wrestling is starting to appear again on various cable channels, so too has Star Wars returned but in a much larger way.

With the new Marvel comic series, Rebels on Disney XD, and of course the highly anticipated Episode VII: “The Force Awakens,” I thought it might be a fun time to cast our favorite Superstars of the WWE Universe as some of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe! Who’s good and who’s evil? Who uses a lightsaber, and who prefers a ‘trusty blaster?’ Let’s find out!

John Cena – Luke Skywalker

Two small town kids with dashing good looks and dreams outside of their immediate surroundings, both John Cena and Luke Skywalker started from humble beginnings. For Cena it was outside the city of Boston, born to a family with little in the way of influence outside their twenty-six square mile town of Newbury.

Luke Skywalker grew up an orphan so-to-speak, raised by his aunt and uncle on a moisture farm on the far away desert planet of Tatooine. For Cena and Skywalker, the thought of competing on WWE television or training at the Imperial Navy seemed miles, if not entire star-systems away from where they were.

But despite the odds, both John Cena and Luke Skywalker prevailed in their respective quests; Cena debuted with the WWE and Skywalker cast off from Tatooine and joined the Rebel Alliance. Both Luke Skywalker and John Cena are proven, selfless and respectable members of their teams and among their communities, each having more than once put their own well-being on the line to help someone else.

Luke Skywalker is considered the lead protagonist of the original Star Wars Trilogy, and in many ways, the consummate hero John Cena has been the same for the WWE since 2004.