WWE Top 10 Most Famous Tragedies

Unfortunately, wrestlers participate in a very demanding endeavor that has taken years off of many of their lives.

While many of these tragedies are just known throughout the wrestling community, some have hit the mainstream media due to either the names involved or the circumstances of the event. This list is in chronological order of the most famous wrestling tragedies based upon media attention, bizarre circumstances, and the affect that the event may have had in wrestling history.

Please note that this list was created prior to the double-murder suicide of the family of Chris Benoit.

10. The Von Erich Family

At one time, the Von Erich’s were the biggest stars in wrestling but things went bad for the family rather quickly. Out of five brothers that wrestled, only one lived to see 35. David died in 1984 due to gastroenteritis. Mike suffered an injury and during surgery contacted a virus that nearly killed him.

He was never the same again and killed himself. Kerry was a former World Champion that lost his foot in a motorcycle accident. He wrestled for a few more years but drug charges led him to kill himself. Youngest brother Chris killed himself because he felt he could never be as good as his brothers were.