WWE Superstars With the Hottest WAGs

WWE superstars are typically thought of in the same light as rock stars. They are wildly famous, and even those who know nothing about the wrestling world will likely recognize many of their names.

Superstars also sport a rock star lifestyle more times than not. That means they enjoy their parties and their booze. Perhaps the biggest reason why young boys dream of becoming rock stars, though, is all the women that seem to be associated with them. Well, WWE superstars share that in common as well.

Superstars spend a lot of time working on their bodies. They must conscientiously work out and follow strict diet routines. This often leads to, let’s say, desirous results for the opposite sex. I mean, who is really surprised that these famous wrestling hunks are frequently spotted next to beautiful women?

Perhaps you’re here looking for a little added motivation to become the next ultra-famous WWE superstar? Maybe you’re here simply to appreciate the view. Don’t worry, you’ll find no judgement from us; we can’t help but stare either. Mind you, this isn’t designed to be an objective list ranking women against one another, merely a compiled list of women generally found to be attractive. There should be no harm in appreciating that.

Here are 20 of the current WWE superstars who have the hottest wives and girlfriends we could find. Read on and enjoy.

10. Rusev – Lana

Rusev’s career is closely tied to his girlfriend Lana. In fact, for a lengthy period she was his manager in the ring! Together they formed a formidable duo reminiscent of the Russian antagonists of Rocky IV. She’s helped him achieve some impressive feats, and his momentum continues to rise despite a recent loss of the WWE United States Championship and being sidelined with an injury.

Lana is just as beautiful as she is successful within the ring. She’s a good-looking blond sporting a (fake) Russian accent that merely makes her seem all-the-more exotic. Don’t get too attached, though, as she and Rusev are rather serious. In fact, they live together in Nashville, Tennessee. Something tells us that Rusev scares away just about any man with aspirations of stealing his girl.