WWE Superstars Gimmicks and Astrological Signs

Whether it’s Scorpio, Taurus, or Aries, everyone is aware of their birth sign, which allows them to look up their daily horoscope or try to find the “right” partner.

“Hey there, what’s your sign?” was the usual go-to pickup line for guys, particularly in the 70s, but try it today, and you probably will get laughed at. Anyways, this is not a relationship article, but rather connecting WWE Superstars’ gimmicks to their most appropriate astrological sign.

For those of you who don’t follow astrology, a quick explanation is probably in order here to show what this article will be all about. Astrology is basically a study of celestial objects and their movement in the skies; these movements can give hints towards how people may act in various situations and potential moments that can arise in their lives, both good and bad.

This type of study can get extremely in-depth, but for the purpose of this article, we will keep it simple and use the most common traits for each sign. We will then pair them with the wrestler who is most closely linked to them via their gimmicks, not by their actual birthday or real life personality. So, let’s look to the skies and see which twelve WWE wrestlers appear!

12. Aquarius – Goldust

For simplicity sake, we’ll go through each sign as they lineup on the calendar, starting with Aquarius, who is typically known as an androgynous looking character. People with this sign can be viewed as a weirdo or even an alien, not just strange acting, but an actual outer space alien.

During the early days of Goldust, he would often rock outfits that would toe the line between male and female, with his jumpsuits, makeup, and long haired wigs. He’s always been one of the stranger gimmicks where most other wrestlers have treated him like he’s from another planet, so the connection between these two is pretty clear. Initially, Stardust was in this spot, but he was recently sent back to the Stars of the Milky Way.