WWE Stars Who Had A Criminal Record

"As As you will see in this article, associating violence and crime with wrestlers isn’t as far apart as you might think it would be (even though you sometimes might think that the violence is just always part of the act).

Recurring crimes are common amongst wrestlers, and as you will see in this article, criminal offenses such as drunk driving and possession are common themes for wrestler crimes. Although, not all these offenses are so common, in this article you will see some absolutely embarrassing crimes as well, like urinating on a flight attended and showing off your private parts to an employee working at a hotel (yes, that happened); these wrestler crimes certainly leave you entertained, that’s for sure.

Let’s now begin and check out these 15 crimes committed by wrestlers. Enjoy!

10. Sunny

Sunny, also known as Tamara “Tammy” Lynch Sytch, endured some “not so sunny days” after her run with the WWE. Sunny was arrested a total of 6 times in a short 4 month time span, her violations even included 3 arrests in 3 days. Most of her arrests came because of disputes with her boyfriend; the charges were disorderly conduct, assault, 3rd degree burglary and multiple counts of restraining order violations.

In her most recent charge, Sunny was sentenced to 114 days in prison, which she fully served.