WWE Smackdown July 3 2012 – stream, download, results

WWE Smackdown – July 3rd 2012 Live Super Smackdown

wwe smackdown

This week’s edition of wwe smackdown starts off with all the superstars backstage having fun and celebrating the 4th of July. Teddy Long shows up and welcomes everyone to the live Great American Bash Super Smackdown.

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WWE Smackdown July 3 2012 results

He also introduces someone who volunteered to clean up – Eve Torres with a name tag. He introduces the US Champion Santino Marella, who gets the honor of lighting the grill, but he’s struggling. Kane shows up and lights the grill with his pyro taunt. The usual intro follows.

The commentators welcome us to the show and Cole says he’ll be interviewing one of the most controversial and talked about people in the WWE today – AJ Lee.

We take a look at Del Rio’s attack on Sin Cara as Ricardo introduces his boss. Del Rio grabs a mic and says he’s not here to celebrate America. He’s going to talk about something much more important – himself. He says he understand why everyone loves Sheamus – because he’s a hooligan just like the people here. He then talks about being here legally before walking along the guard rail asking to see a few people’s papers. He finds someone who appears to be an illegal alien and calls security, but the person says this isn’t Arizona, this is Texas.

Out comes Sheamus and a brawl erupts between him and Del Rio. Ricardo eventually distracts Sheamus, allowing Del Rio to kick him in the head, put him on the hood of his car and  slam the hood on his back repeatedly. Del Rio taunts Sheamus as he’s down.

Match 1: Aksana and Antonio Cesaro vs Great Khali and Layla

Great Khali and Layla get the win after Layla gets the pin on Aksana.

We see Cody Rhodes and Teddy backstage. Cody tells Teddy that the BoD has decided to give him an MITB qualifying match. Teddy is aware of that, but Cody’s opponent is his decision. To get into MITB, Cody has to beat Christian.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs Christian

Cody gets the win with the Cross Rhodes.

Heath Slater interrupts the party backstage and tries to sing, but he gets booed away. Zack Ryder gets on the turntables and plays Brodus Clay’s music, getting him and the Funkettes to show up and dance it out.

Match 3: Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler wins with the ZigZag.

Cole’s interview with AJ is next

Cole brings AJ out to the ring and asks her what she was thinking when she put both Bryan and  Punk through the table. She says a lot of people have asked her that. Cole says she wasn’t thinking. She’s just a troubled little girl living out the tug of war fantasy and the BoD made a huge mistake by making her the special ref at MITB. He asks her if she ever thought about pursuing a real man  like him and starts flirting with her.

Out comes Bryan starts defending AJ and calling Cole out for putting words in people’s mouth. He backs him into the ropes and tells AJ she’ll do a wonderful job as the ref. He also forgives her for last night and knows that she only intended for Punk to go through the table.

Out comes Punk and makes Cole get out of the ring. He says that unlike Daniel Bryan, he’s not going to kiss up to her for favorable officiating. He’s going to tell her like it is – she’s not in a good place mentally. He apologizes for contributing to it, but she needs proffesional help. Punk is worried about her because she’s a sweet girl. Bryan says Punk is pretending to care about AJ. They almost start fighting but AJ gets between them and kisses Bryan on the lips. Punk goes out of the ring, but AJ stops him and kisses him too.

Match 4: Santino Marella, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sgt Slaughter vs Drew MacIntyre, Hunico and Camacho
Santino’s team wins after he nails Hunico with the cobra.

We are back at the 4th of July celebration, where Damien Sandow shows up and cuts the music. Sandow says that this isn’t what the founding fathers had in mind. Ryder aks what Sandow’s problem is and he says the WWE is a reflection of our society. Ryder tells him to leave if he doesn’t like it. Ryder and Sandow get in a brawl with Ryder throwing a punch bowl at Sandow, missing and hitting Eve instead as everyone laughs.

Tyler Reks and Kurt Hawkins are in the ring, talking about Ryback. Reks says Hawking won a coin toss, so he gets to face Ryback.

Match 5: Curt Hawkins vs Ryback
Quick win for Ryback.

We are told Sheamus can’t compete in tonight’s Battle Royal main event because of Del Rio’s actions earlier today. Teddy Long says its time to find out the next week’s GM

Main Evet: 30-man Battle Royal
Zack Ryder gets the win and the GM spot next week in an upset elimination of Kane. wwe smackdown goes off the air.