WWE RAW June 9 2012 – stream, download, results

WWE RAW from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

WWE RAW starts off with a recap of what happened between Punk, Bryan and AJ on both of last week’s shows. She asks Punk to come out and he does. She tells him that last week he showed her true feelings for her when he said she needed proffesional help. She says she doesn’t – she’s in complete control. She says nobody has ever cared about her. She says she knew it when she kissed him, his eyes send love straight to her heart and he turns her on. She knows what she has to do as she drops down on one knee and asks him to marry her.

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WWE RAW June 9 2012 results

Out comes Bryan yelling NO! He begs AJ to listen to him because she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Punk doesn’t care about her, he’s only playing her because she’s the special guest refferee at Money In The Bank. Even though Bryan hurt her, he never stopped having feelings for her. He says Punk only care about himself. Punk tells him to shut up and that he knows nothing about him or his feelings for AJ.  Bryan dares him to say “I do” to AJ if he cares about her so much. Bryan says Punk only sees her as a special refferee, while Bryan sees her a special person. When he woke up this morning, he wasn’t planning on stopping a proposal – he was planning on making one. He drops to one knee and proposes to AJ. Punk doesn’t buy it, so he asks Bryan where the ring is. Punk suggests him and AJ go in the back and have a discussion. Bryan yells at him not to talk down to his future fiance. Cole gets an e-mail and it looks like the computer is back to host WWE RAW. The GM books Punk and AJ against Bryan and Eve Torres. After Bryan voices his displeasure, AJ says this is very confusing and they all need some time to think. She’s very happy about the match because she belives everything happens for a reason and that she will walk out of here with her future husband before skipping off to the back.

WWE RAW Match 1: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger 
Sheamus picks up the win with the Brogue Kick.

Alberto Del Rio shows up on the tron and reminds Sheamus how he slammed a car hood on him. He says he’s going to take the title too. Sheamus takes his anger out on Swagger with another Brogue Kick.

Zack Ryder and Santino are backstage. Ryder is excited to run Zackdown on Friday and Santino is intent on finding out who’s on the other end of the GM computer with his Sherlock Holmes kit.

Match 2: Tensai and Dolph Ziggler vs Tyson Kidd and Christian
Tensai and Ziggler get the win after Tensai delivers a splash onto Christian

After the match, Tensai goes after Kidd and beats him down as Vickie looks on approvingly.

Cole and Lawler have a heated argument about who should be the perminent GM. Cole spills water on him and Lawler gets up as the e-mail alert sounds. Cole goes to read it, but when he sees what it is he refuses to. King reads it and says the GM would like to see a Wrestlemania rematch between him and Cole.  The WWE Universe will decide if the match takes place. The audience goes wild, but is told to go to WWE.com and vote.

Match 3: Brodus Clay vs Drew McIntyre
Another squash for the Funkasaurus, another dance-off with him, the Funkadactyls and some kids.

Out comes John Cena to talk about Money In The Bank. He promises that he will stop Big Show and win the briefcase. Out comes Kane, followed by Jericho and Show for the tag team match

Match 4: Cena and Kane vs Big Show and Chris Jericho
Kane and Cena win by DQ when Show pulls Cena out of the ring after he hits the Attitude Adjustment on He then sandwiches Jericho in the ladder and presses down on it before Cena gets the save. He knocks Show out of the ring with a ladder of his own and poses with it.

Punk is backstage warming up as Eve approaches him and wishes him luck with AJ. She’s very emotionally unstable and if Punk doesn’t say “I do”. she will do anything in her power to make him lose the title.

Santino finds an iPhone backstage and thinks it belongs to the anonymous GM. Great Khali shows up and takes it. Santino asks him if he’s the GM and Khali says yes. Santino asks again and Khali says no. Santino asks a third time and Khali asks who’s that before Santino calls him a sonomagun and walks off.

Match 5: MITB qualifier – Heath Slater vs Sin Cara
Sin Cara gets the win and the final MITB spot.

Heath Slater gets on the mic and says it’s not fair. He demands any former champion to come out here and he’ll beat them. He gets Bob Backlund, who comes out to a huge pop. Slater goes for a handshake and beats Backlund down. Backlund is able to get up, put the Chicken Wing Crossface on and make Slater tap.

We get the poll results from WWE.com and it looks like Cole vs King is on. Cole gets pissed off and calls the audience hypocrites.

Match 6: Michael Cole vs Jerry “The King” Lawler
Lawler gets the quick win with an airplane spin.

THe e-mail alert goes off and Josh Matthews steps up to read it. The GM says that due to Booker T’s (who took over commentary with Matthews) intereference, the desicion is reversed and Cole is now the winner. Out comes Santino and  says that the only place left where the GM could be is under the ring. Another e-mail comes in, telling Santino that there is nobody under the ring and ordering him to leave. Santino goes to check, but is suddenly being pulled in. Lawler pulls him out, with Hornswoggle hanging on to his legs. King says he should bend him over his knee and give him a spanking, but Swoggle kicks him in the leg and shoves Santino into him while biting his read. Cole wants to give him a high five but, Swoggler kicks him in the leg too and runs off.

Main Event: CM Punk and AJ Lee vs Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres
CM Punk and AJ get the win after Bryan jumps off the apron, not letting Eve get the tag.

After the match, Bryan tells AJ he just proved how much he cares about her. He wants to go and get married right now. Punk says he doesn’t care if he loses the title – he’s not marrying her. AJ slaps Punk and then Bryan before starting a Yes! chant and hopping off as WWE RAW goes off the air.