WWE RAW July 31 2012 – watch online stream, download, results

WWE RAW Episode 1001 from Cincinnati, OH.
The show starts off with Lawler and Cole telling us how WWE RAW had to get delayed because the tron caugh fire during a pre-show test. We are then treated to the footage before a recap of RAW 1000 from Damien Sandow and DX to Punk`s heel turn on Cena and The Rock.

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WWE RAW July 31 2012 results continued

Speak of the devil, out comes Punk. He runs Lawler down for saying he turned his back on the WWE Universe because The Rock is not the WWE Universe. He then runs Rock down for pretending he wasn`t even in the ring during the Bryan segment and then acting like he was just going to take the title at Royal Rumble. He says Rock tried to make RAW 1000 all about himself, but Punk made things right and ended RAW like it should end – with the spotlight on the champ.

Out comes Big Show and says RAW 1000 was about him. He made Cena the first man to cash in MITB and lose. Punk ended up in an STF after Cena was out and was about to tap. He vows to become the next WWE champion. Punk brings up Show`s recent failures and says he isn’t winning anything. Out comes Cena and beats Show out of the ring before the new GM AJ Lee books tonight’s main event – Show vs Cena with the winner getting a title shot against Punk at Summerslam.

Hype for the Lesnar/Trips contract signing later on.

Daniel Bryan knock on AJ’s door, but no response

Match 1: Santino vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio wins with his armbreaker.

Del Rio gets on the mic and says Santino, Sheamus and everyone in the audience is beneath him. He will not compete until Summerslam.

Daniel Bryan at AJ’s door again. Same result

Brodus Clay comes out with the Funkadactyls for his match. Out comes Vickie to show them how to dance. Her music hits and she embarases herself yet again.

Out comes Damien Sandow and begs your indulgence. He says last week a horrible crime was commited against all of humanity as we get treated to footage of his humiliation at the hands of DX. He goes right after Clay and takes him out before the match even starts.

Recap of Ziggler running his mouth on Jericho and getting his code broken. We then see footage of Jericho tossing Ziggler in the ring to get his head kicked off by Sheamus on Smackdown.

Bryan at AJ’s door again. This time he just walks in as AJ is on her laptop. He tells her how she embarassed him, but she tells him to shut up because she’s his boss. Last week she saw men in white and suggests he wanted to marry her to have her legally commited. Bryan says those were his groomsmen. AJ wants to start a clean slate, so she books Bryan in a match against Sheamus. Bryan asks if it’s for the title and AJ start chanting no.

Recap of the Triple H and Lesnar brawl from RAW 1000.

Josh Matthews catches up with Sheamus backstage and asks him what kind of match he hopes the fans vote for with Bryan. Sheamus commends AJ for giving the fans a choice and says the rougher the better.

Out comes an angry Bryan and tells the fans not to chant Yes. He starts furiously chanting No

Match 2: Bryan vs Sheamus in a Street Fight
After some brutal spots by both, Sheamus gets the win after after a Brogue Kick sends Bryan into the steel steps.

After the match, refs try to help Bryan up as he yells about not leaving the ring till he gets a doctor and chants No.

Kofi comes out with Truth for his match and they ask Bryan to get out. Bryan talks to Little Jimmy before kicking him out of the ring. As R-Truth tends to the imaginary kid, Bryan yells that Truth is out of his mind and there is nothing wrong with Bryan himself. A bunch of orderlies come for Truth, but AJ tells them it’s Bryan who needs help. He’s been unstable lately and AJ wants him to have a psychiatric evaluation for the sake of a safe working environment. They escort Bryan out and he angrily stares at AJ on the way.

Match 3: Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil
Titus gets the win after a distraction by AW.

CM Punk is backstage with Cena, justifying his actions. He says Cena would have done the same thing and that the people who are saying he should have done more wouldn’t get in the ring with Show. He knows Cena is mad at him and even more mad at himself because Punk did to The Rock what he couldn’t, but he has to let it go.

Heath Slater is in the ring. Now that all the legends are back at the retirement home, he can get his career back on track. He makes an open challenge to any current superstar. His challenge is answered by a returning…

Match 4: Randy Orton vs Heath Slater
Randy with the quick win via RKO. Huge pop.

Bryan is backstage with a psychiatrist. The doctor wants to confirm that his name is Daniel Bryan. Yes. Former World Heavyweight Champion? Yes. From Aberdeen, Washington? Yes. Vegan? Yes. Is it true that AJ and him didn’t get married last week? Yes! Bryan loses it and starts chanting Yes at the top of his lungs.

Match 5: Christian and Jericho vs The Miz and Dolph Ziggler
Jericho gets the pin on Miz with a Codebreaker and gets knocked out by Ziggler’s MITB case after the match.

Brya is backstage with the doctor again for an ink blot test. He sees an airplane, a crab and a spaceship. The doctor puts the papers down and the ink blots come together to form a goat face. Bryan gets mad again and says the only thing goat about him is that he’s the greatest of all time. He then asks if Charlie Sheen put him up to this. He tells Charlie Sheen that he’s the one who’s winning.

Touters weighing in on whether Bryan is more unstable than AJ.

Match 6: Tensai vs Tyson Kidd
Tensai wins with a big splash and beats on Kidd after the match, prompting the ref to reverse the decision for Kidd by DQ

Tensai takes it out on Sakamoto again.

Bryan is backstage with the doctor again. He sees irritability, a short temper and an unhealthy obsession with Charlie Sheen. Despite that, Bryan is 100% sane and free to go. After the doctor leaves, the lights go red, in comes Kane and introduces himself as Bryan’s anger management therapist before beating the hell out of him.

CM Punk joins Cole and Lawler for the main evet.

Main Event: WWE Championship #1 Contender – Big Show vs Cena
After a brutsl match, Show throws Cena into CM Punk. Cena barely manages to avoid a count-out a WMD before setting Show up for the Attitude Adjustment. Punk gets in the ring and pushes him over, sending both men to the mat before delivering a roundhouse to Show. He gets a mic and says the winner is nobody because they’re both losers.

After Punk goes backstsge, out comes AJ and books a Triple Threat for SummerSlam. WWE RAW goes off the air with AJ and a pissed off Punk arguing.