WWE RAW July 2 2012 – watch online stream, download full episode, results

WWE RAW July 2 2012


This week’s WWE RAW opens up with a look back at last week, when Big Show jumped into the Cena vs Jericho main event, knocking Cena out.

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WWE RAW July 2 2012 results

John Cena makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone and thanks Jericho and Big Show for last week because this is exactly what he needed to prepare for the Money In The Bank match. He knows that no matter what happens, he has to be ready. At Money In The Bank Cena vows to get the contract and cash it in.

Out comes Daniel Bryan with the Yes! chants. He calls Cena irrelevant and says that he will beat Punk and become the new WWE Champ, so if Cena wins the contract, he’s going to go down as the first person in history to lose an MITB cash-in. Cena says he can think of at least one person who disagrees with him.

Out comes CM Punk and says he can think of more than one person who disagrees with Bryan. Does Punk disagree with Bryan ? Yes! Does John Cena disagree with Bryan? Yes. Does tha audience disagree with Bryan? Yes. Punk starts dancing around and mocking Bryan, who gets frustrated and asks for one original thought as opposed to the constant stealing of his catchphrase. Punk says an original thought is that his ex is going to 3-count him at MITB and then if Cena wins the contract, it’s down to them again.

Out comes Chris Jericho and tells Bryan not to complain about other people stealing his catchphrases because it happens to him all the time. He mockingly calls Punk Mr Best In The World and Punk calls him Bon Jovi.┬áHe then tells Bryan to come up with something original before using all the catchphrases from his earlier Y2J days. He says he invented the MITB match and he’s going to win. He dares anyone from the locker room to come out and say otherwise. Out comes Kane, corners Jericho, grabs his mic and says otherwise. He then gets interrupted by Big Show and eventually a huge brawl breaks out between all 6, with Show the only one left on his feet.

WWE RAW Match 1: Prime Time Players, Cody Rhodes and Otunga vs Christian, Santino, Kofi and Truth.
Christian’s team wins after Brodus Clay shows up and rolls Otunga back in the ring as he tries to run, letting Santino’s cobra finish him off.

After the match, The Funkosaurus gets his revenge on Otunga with his big splash before the faces dance it out with some kids.

Alberto and Ricardo walk into Teddy’s office. Del Rio wants the title shot he never got as reward for helping Team Johnny get the win at Wrestlemania (oh, the irony!!!). Teddy says that the BoD has named Del Rio the number one contender as of now. That, however, is the Board’s decision. Teddy himself has a surpise opponent for Del Rio.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara
Del Rio attacks Sin Cara during his entrance and takes him out with the armbar before the match even starts.

Daniel Bryan finds AJ backstage, tries to apologize for everything and hands her a rose. She seems touched at first but then says she’s sure it has nothing to do with her spot in Bryan’s match at MITB. She says he never cared about her, bites half of the rose off and hands him back the stem.

We see a recap of the drama between Triple H, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. We then see Paul Heyman on sattelite. He says Lesnar has made a decision and he will deliver it to Triple H’s face at the 1000th episode. He says he knows why Triple H wants this match – he wants to go out in a blaze of glory to end his career. Heyman says that if Lesnar accepts, Summerslam is going to be a mercy killing.

Match 3: AJ Lee and Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero
AJ and Sheamus get the win after AJ hits Vickie with a Shining Wizard

After the match, AJ finds Punk backstage and asks him what he thought about her match, but he blows her off because he’s on the phone. He didn’t even know she had a match and that gets AJ very upset and walks off as Punk shrugs, looking annoyed.

Heath Slater is in the ring as we see footage of his recent humiliation at the hands of Vader, Cyndi Lauper and Sycho Sid. Slater says that isn’t funny. He’s the One Man Rock Band, not a clown.

Match 4: Heath Slater vs Doink
Heath Slater gets the win with his neckbreaker.

After the match, out comes DDP. He pretends to show Slater respect but then lays him out with the Diamond Cutter.

We get a trailer for the DVD re-release of No Holds Barred.

Match 5: No DQ – Kane vs Big Show
Show gets the win by chokeslamming Kane on a chair.

Teddy and Eve Torres are backstage and Teddy puts a name tag on her. She gets pissed off and rips it up before running into AJ. She tells her she’s been busy taking pages out of her book. She tells her to leave the mind games to proffesionals and go do what little girls do best – cry in a corner. AJ tells her she’d do anything to get attention and asks her who she’s going to suck up to now that Johnny’s not around. She’s going to show everyone how to grab attention

Match 6: Tyson Kidd vs Tensai
Kidd gets the surprise rollup win out of nowhere to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship MITB.

After the match, Tensai takes his frustrations out on Sakamoto.

Jericho and Bryan are backstage, making fun of each other’s jackets and screaming their catchphrases over and over again. We then see Punk and Cena getting ready as well.

Main Event: CM Punk and John Cena vs Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho
The match is a no contest after AJ comes in and tries to get attention like she said. She sets up a table on the floor and prepares to jump through it from the turnbuckle. Bryan begs her not to while Punk climbs up and tries to get her down. She kisses Punk and pushes him onto Bryan, sending both men through the table as WWE RAW goes to credits