WWE Divas who Posed for Playboy

For several years, wrestling fans were accustomed to seeing a WWE Diva on the cover of Playboy as part of the events leading to WrestleMania.

That tradition ended in 2009 when the WWE changed their programming to a rating of TV-PG. This article will take a look back at the relationship between Playboy and the WWE.


Chyna – Year: 2002

Chyna appeared on the cover of the magazine in the fall of 2000. The following year, she left the WWE and in 2002 she reappeared on the cover of Playboy. Unlike Sable who got a special magazine after her second appearance, Chyna instead was given a video diary entitledJoanie Laurer, Nude Wrestling Superstar.

This would not be the last time that Chyna would appear nude. In 2004, a sex tape, entitled One Night in China, featuring her and X-Pac was released.