WWE Commentator Booker T falls victim to racially motivated cyber attack

WWE’s Color Commentator Booker Huffman, better known as the 5-time WCW Champion and 1-time WWE Champion Booker T, has had his Twitter account and website hacked by what appears to be a white supremacist group this Friday.

Huffman’s Twitter account is directly connected to his on-screen persona, so it got a little more attention than his website, which is also related to proffesional wrestling but doesn’t seem to be directly affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment. The attack on it is no less disturbing than the Twitter account, as it clearly shows the racial motivation behind the attack.

Huffman’s website now redirects to another website which looks very Klu Klux Klan inspired, with a hate message towards Booker T and his wife Sharmel, as well as their personal information. A screencap of the hate group’s website is below, but neither the URL of Booker T’s or the hate group’s site can be revealed for the sake of Huffman’s privacy.

Warning! Extremely offensive language

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