WWE 12 – How to Create Darren Young + entrance music

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, also know as the Primetime Players, have gone from being Black Cena and Dogbark to two of the most charismatic and entertaining performers in the WWE.

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Name: Darren Young

Announce Name: Daring Young
Commentary Name: Youngblood
Brand: Smackdown
Reaction: Boo

Darren Young Skin

Texture: 1/12
Color: First row, third from right
Age: 0
Hair: Superstar 14/82

Darren Young Face:

Type: 1/11
Lashes: 1/15
Eyebrows: 5

Head – 7/-30/0
Cranium – 0/0/0/0
Eyebrows – -100/100/30/-40
Eyes – 20/0/50/0/20/50/10
Nose – -30/50/0/10/50/30/20/20
Cheeks – 20/100/30/20
Mouth – -30/-20/10/-20/50/-20/20
Jaw – 40/60/-10/-45/10/-30
Ears – 0/0/0/0


Height/Wieght – 6’1/231
Size – 1/11

Neck – 0/0/0
Chest – 0/-19/0/0
Traps – 0/0/0/0
Shoulders – 0/0/0/0
Abdomen – 0/0/0/0
Waist – 0/0

Length – 0
Biceps – 0/0
Forearms – 0/0

Hands – 0/0/0
Legs – All 0
Feet – All 0


Upper Body
Elbow Pads: Left – 2/10, Color: X:0 Y:255 Shade: 70
Arms and Wrists: Both – 10/30, Color: X:0 Y:255 Shade: 255

Lower Body
Trunks: Superstar 12/16, Color: X: 236, Y:139, Shade: 255

Creating rough trunk graphic with provided designs, without paint tool:
Step 1: Go to Logos, designs
Step 2: Take one 9/144, move to crotch area, make as big as possible without going off the trunks as shown in screenshot above. Color it default blue.
Step 3: Take a smaller 9/144, place in the middle of the larger one so that the larger one looks like a blue border. Color default orange.
Step 4: Using Lettering and the 3rd font (from left) in the first row, write “DYOUNG” and center around the shield graphic on the crotch as shown in screenshot.

Alternatively, a better logo pre-made with the paint tool may or may not be available at Community Creations. Regardless of what you use, the bottom center (the junk) will always remain the color of the trunks due to game limitations.

Kneepads: Both 3/15, Color: see Trunks

Boots: 1/46, 2nd variation. Color: X:0 Y:255, Shade: 30