Wildest rumors in WWE History

News travels fast in the Internet Wrestling Community, so any rumor the dirtsheets start is going to spread like a wildfire.

Whether or not the rumors are proven true or false, the entertainment value is always there. Below are some of the craziest and wildest rumors to ever get the IWC talking.

Tonga “Haku” Fifita was allegedly in a Hawaii bar one day, very intoxicated. He got into a verbal altercation with 3 other patrons, which soon turned violent with Haku beating all 3 senseless. Two more jumped in, that didn’t make a difference. It took 8 police officers and several taser shots to end the fight. Haku was being dragged into a wagon by 8 officers and one of the patrons was missing a nose, which Haku bit off. This is rumored to be one of the reasons why Haku lasted longer in WCW than most of his peers – the suits were just too scared to fire him.