WCW Nitro and Starcade reenactments look very accurate in WWE ’12

WCW Starcade and Nitro reenacted in WWE 12

A lot of long-time wrestling fans undoubtedly miss WCW. Fortunately, THQ has promised a great deal of throwbacks to WCW in the upcoming WWE ’12, with superstars, arenas and more from the legendary wrestling promotion. They have released a few screenshots to showcase the WCW reenactment potential of WWE ’12.

Screenshots below

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WCW Starcade
WCW Starcade reenacted in WWE 12

WCW Starcade reenacted in WWE 12

WCW Nitro
WCW Nitro reenacted in WWE 12

WCW Nitro reenacted in WWE 12

This looks very impressive, almost as if we were looking a WCW game. It looks like THQ is giving wrestling fans a lot of nostalgic goodies this year.

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