Vince McMahon – Sex Adventures in WWE

Christy Hemme

The first ever Diva Search winner failed to make an impact in WWE and instead ended up making the switch to TNA where she was used a lot better creatively and given the time to show that she could actually wrestle.

Before Christy made the switch, the rumor was that she was having an affair with Triple H behind Stephanie’s back and she forced him to release her when she found out. I don’t know how someone would think that sleeping with Triple H was going to go well for your career. It’s not like he could show you favouritism without making it incredibly obvious. Especially when you consider she wasn’t exactly outstanding in the ring.

If sleeping with The Game wasn’t raunchy enough, Christy was also thought to have had a secret relationship with Vince McMahon following her 2004 Diva Search win. While I guess she maybe thought this would guarantee her job security, it clearly wasn’t memorable enough to stop her from being released the following year. Especially if Linda also did some digging around!

Christy got married to Charley Patterson in 2010, and she gave birth to her first child, Charlie Rose, in January 2015.