Try One Day of The Rock-Hercules Diet & Exercise

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been sharing his Hercules training regime on Twitter.

Here’s what happened when Stuart Heritage, a devoted fan of the wrestler turned demigod, decided to ape his hero


Brothers in Arrrrrrrrgh-rms … Stuart Heritage and Dwayne
Here is the story:

I’m willing to bet that he’ll be the most miserable, skint, perpetually exhausted and constantly pooing Hercules of all time. And he’s probably going to have manky dishpan hands, too. I’m willing to bet all this because I attempted to replicate The Rock’s fitness and nutrition plan for a day, and I’m now all of those things.

You see, The Rock has smartly used his gruelling training regime as a promotional tactic. He’s created Team Hercules, where we get to witness and copy all his workouts online. If we follow his instructions and conduct ourselves with his level of intensity, we can all be super-gigantic movie heroes too. We can all make life a misery for anyone who sits next to us on public transport. We can all be The Rock.

And that’s great news for me, because I love The Rock. Ever since I had an anonymous 10-minute phone interview with him two years ago for an already-forgotten kids film where Michael Caine rides around on top of a giant bee, all I’ve wanted to do is hang out with The Rock. But that hasn’t happened, so copying his daily regime would be the closest I’d ever get.

However, it turns out that The Rock’s daily regime is brutal. It’s basically just exercise and eating. Mainly eating. He eats seven vast meals every day. He consumes thousands of calories. The ingredients alone cost over £500 a month. This makes sense for The Rock because he’s a professional locomotive. Meanwhile I – and even this is fiercely overstating it – am a micro scooter. It seemed impossible, but I was determined to join Team Hercules. The Rock’s first workout of the day takes place at 4am. So would mine.