Top 5 Pro-Wrestlers born in Video games

top 5 pro-wrestlers born in video games

5. Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive)
Tina Armstrong - Dead or Alive
Her father wants her to follow in his footsteps and become a pro-wrestler, but she wants to be an actress/model. Ironically, that’s the kind of women that the WWE hires. Still, any girl who can do a perfect Death Valley Driver on a 300lb on guys like Bayman and Leon without looking like she lives in a gym should be made WWE Women’s Champion immediately.

4. El Blaze (Virtua Fighter)
El Blaze - Virtua Fighter
When you look at most pro-wrestlers in video games, they are usually big power guys. Putting another pro-wrestler archetype, a quick luchador, into a fighting game has got to be a breath of fresh air for pro-wrestling fans. It’s surprising that El Blaze didn’t join the VF roster earlier, when WCW popularized the luchador style in North America with people like Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera. Speaking of Rey Mysterio, even though El Blaze looks a lot like him, his moveset is very similar to Tiger Mask’s.

3. Mike Haggar (Final Fight, Saturday Night Slam Masters, MvC3)
Mike Haggar - Final Fight, Saturday Night Slam Masters, MvC3

This guy must be the most awesome mayors that ever lived because when shit gets real, you won’t see Rudy Giulliani take matters into his own hands and start piledriving people. Mike Haggar also represents nostalgia and the lost genre of co-op fighting, of which Final Fight was one of the more prominent franchises. It’s nice to see these games aren’t completely forgotten, as Mike Haggar is part of the Capcom side of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

2. King (Tekken)
King - Tekken
Few fighting game franchises are more iconic than Tekken, which King has been part of since the original game in 1994, so it’s impossible for him to not be part of this list. His look is obviously based on Tiger Mask, but his story is based on Fray Tormenta, a luchador who wrestled to help orphaned children. Another story based on Tormenta is Nacho Libre, one of the worst movies ever made, so it’s nice to have King to carry on Tormenta’s legacy.

Number One is coming up….

1. Zangief (Street Fighter, Capcom vs.)

Street Fighter is a franchise that isn’t only a huge part of our childhood, but also a franchise that has aged really well and is still going strong today. Being THE wrestler in a franchise like that, it’s not hard for Zangief to take the number one spot. He is probably the most iconic and well known pro-wrestler in the virtual world. What’s not so well known is the fact that Zangief is actually based on Victor Zangiev, a Russian amatuer wrestler that made brief appearances in NJPW and WCW.

Honorable Mention: Red and Green dummies (THQ’s WWE games)
Red and Green dummies - THQ's WWE games

These 2 dummies knew thousands of moves and guided us through the many moveset options available in WWE games for years, up until last year’s WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011. Unfortunately, they will be replaced by generic wrestlers in WWE ’12. Red and Green shall be missed by all.