Top 5 most racist (and hilarious) gimmicks in WWE history

Mohammed Hassan and Daivari

This one can’t really be blamed on the WWE creative team alone. Mohammed Hassan and Daivari’s first vignette was more or less neutral with Hassan referring to himself as an Arab American (emphasis on American) and talking about the prejudice he faced after 9/11. Once the fans started chanting USA at them, however, the creative team decided to turn them heel.

The result wasn’t even that bad – Daivari’s Persian yelling was hilarious and Hassan’s music interrupting promos and matches became a meme among the smarks. This all came to an end after The Undertaker squashed Daivari at the 2005 Great American Bash and Hassan’s masked goons attacked The Undertaker and carried Daivari off like a martyr. After unedited (although heavily disclaimed) footage of the event aired on Smackdown after the London bombings, WWE gave in to UPN’s pressure to take the characters off TV.