Top 10 WWE Wrestlers As Comic Book Villains

At first glance, the worlds of pro wrestling and comic books seem vastly different, but as you look closer, they have more similarities than you would think.

Over the years, pro wrestling has been known to be involved in comics so there is a natural cross-over appeal to fans of either universe. For wrestling gimmicks to be successful, they must be over-the-top so that the character pops out of the TV screen, much like a comic book villain needs to be especially diabolical to grab the reader’s attention issue after issue.

So the question becomes: can fictional characters in the WWE be the same as those evil doers in comics?

Both have larger than life characters with unbelievable physical strength like Venom and Brock Lesnar. Each world also has characters that are scary similar like Dean Ambrose and The Joker. With mental issues abound, both characters have a knack for random and violent attacks.

The criteria for picking counterparts was fairly wide open. It will include, but is not limited to: looks, personality, size, attributes, and even their history. Some of the choices will be painfully obvious, while others may be more subtle.

How will wrestlers like Eva Marie, Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks compare to Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy? Let’s get right to the list and find out!

10. Eva Marie and Poison Ivy

The most obvious similarity here is that both women have eye-popping hair colors. Eva Marie has rocked red hair since signing with the WWE; her hair was originally black, but she looked too much like a Bella Twin, so “all red everything” became her new look. Poison Ivy usually has bright red hair or orange depending on the artist’s preference.

Both women also possess a strong dose of sexuality; Ivy has been known to put many men under her spell through sex or mind control. Eva Marie’s character is still being worked out in NXT, but she tends to flaunt herself often – in a PG way, of course – while sending kisses to all of her adoring fans. Neither woman is known for their strong fighting abilities, but with more time in the ring that may change for Eva Marie.