Top 10 WWE Stars who Used Steroids

3. The Ultimate Warrior

During the government’s crackdown on the WWE about employee steroid use, The Ultimate Warrior tested positive for anabolic steroids. It is believed that Canadian chemist Mauro Di Pasquale, who was hired by WWE to implement a new drug testing program, successfully persuaded Vince McMahon to release Warrior from the company. Though, in a documentary, Vince McMahon has stated it was Warrior’s experimental use of growth hormones that led to his departure.

Warrior had one of the best bodies in the history of professional wrestling, as no one has ever been more lean and muscularly defined than Warrior, so it absolutely makes sense that anabolic steroids and growth hormones were part of his training routine. Warrior sadly past away in April and many believe it was due to the years of steroid use.