Top 10 WWE Stars who Used Steroids

6. Superstar Billy Graham

Graham is a former amateur bodybuilder and he was training partners with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. After a few bodybuilding competitions, he decided to get into wrestling. Graham is the prototype of today’s bulked up stars and it didn’t come as a surprise to fans when they discovered Graham had taken anabolic steroids, Graham filed a law suit with WWE, accusing them of forcing him to take steroids to maintain a position in the company.

The lawsuit was unsuccessful and it was discovered that Graham had been a steroid user for a decade prior to his WWE debut. Graham is still alive today, but his health is deteriorating. He has liver disease, which is a common side effect of steroid users, and an enlarged spleen, where doctors had given him a couple of years to live without a transplant, though it appears he’s dealt with that issue.