Top 10 WWE Stars who Used Steroids

7. The British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith was a very talented technical wrestler who won numerous titles duing his career, Smith had his share of problems with painkillers and anabolic steroids. In 1992, Smith was released from the WWE for receiving shipments of human growth hormones from a pharmacy in Smith’s native country, England. Smith would bounce from WCW to WWE a couple of times in his career, though he would eventually get let go again by WWE for problems with addiction to prescription painkillers.

In 2002, Smith was trying to make a comeback to wrestling. However, Smith’s life came to a tragic end in 2002, after he suffered a heart attack while on vacation. An autopsy revealed that past anabolic steroid use may have played a part in his death. Bruce Hart (Smith’s former brother in law) stated tha “Davey paid the price with (his usage of) steroid cocktails and human growth hormones.”