Top 10 WWE Moments That Make Wrestling Seem Not So Fake

For those unsure about how bleeding works in wrestling, it’s a trick known as ‘blading’. The wrestler uses a tiny razor to cut himself, usually near the hairline where blood can flow less dangerously and dramatically. So when JBL smashed Eddie Guerrero with a chair in the main event of Judgement Day 2004, he collapsed to the floor and prepared to blade. The only problem is that he cut himself too deeply.

Way too deeply. I’m not particularly squeamish about blood, but this match was still incredibly difficult to watch. Guerrero lay back and the crowd gasped in horror as blood literally squirted from his forehead onto his chest. Even his opponent seemed unsure about what to do, but they continued the match anyway.

The excessive blood actually made Eddie’s climactic comeback much more dramatic, but everybody would agree that his wellbeing was in serious danger that night.