Top 10 WWE Look-Alike Celebrities

Image goes a long way in World Wrestling Entertainment.

When a brand with as far a reach as the WWE is broadcasting its content to millions of screens in more than 100 countries every day, you can bet superstars are going to do all it takes to stand out. But, it’s a formula that has worked since the WWE’s humbled beginnings.

Audiences always have been captivated by the show stoppers, the great ones, the immortals. These are the images that become associated with household names and popular catch phrases that define generations. But, when these images are thrown into the mix with the rest of popular culture, they sometimes find reflections.

Just as you may have your celebrity look-alike, chances are your favorite WWE superstar may have one too. Often, these mirror images make for a good laugh. A quick search on YouTube for “WWE look-alikes” can make for a few quality minutes of entertainment.

But, if you look just a little bit closer into these quirky resemblances, you will find something that cuts deeper than facial and bodily features. You’ll begin to ask questions you would have never thought you had about the WWE. You’ll begin to re-examine the WWE Universe. And you’re about to go on that journey. We’ll get you started with 10 hilarious look-alikes that are guaranteed to make you rethink WWE.

10. Chris Jericho and Gordon Ramsey

Ever since trimming his long hair, the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolah has been compared to Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay. Like Y2J, Ramsay is no stranger to praise. Throughout the years, the chef-turned-celebrity has received numerous accolades for his work on screen and in the kitchen including three Catey Awards – honors worthy of heavyweight status in the hotel and restaurant industry.

But, in further examining the professional links between Ramsay and Jericho, we discover a quality that few in the WWE posses: the ability to persevere beyond the mat. Like Jericho, Ramsey does more than just what most people know him for. While not on T.V., he’s running award-winning restaurants or authoring cookbooks.

When Jericho is not bringing the audience to its feet at wrestling events, he’s doing it at concerts with his metal band Fozzy. When not in front of the WWE camera, he’s showcasing his on-screen skills on other shows such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Sometimes, Jericho is away from the attention as he pens New York Times Best Selling titles like Undisputed. His latest autobiography released in 2014 is titled The Best in the World: At What? I have No Idea.