Top 10 WWE Divas with Breast Implants

3. Layla El

Layla is the third of four girls on this list who have been the subject of debate amongst internet forums for years as to whether she has gone under the knife or not. Even today, some people swear blind she has not. The most conclusive answer to date comes from a source far more in-the-know than any fan on any forum, that being Maria Kanellis, whom- during her YouShoot interview in 2010- was asked to divide the divas into those with real breasts and those with fake ones. Even she had to take a moment to think about it… before appearing to remember something and dutifully placing Layla amongst the augmented ones.

Depending on your point of view, you might think that a pair of implants which are so unnoticeable and discrete might beg the question why you would get them at all. After all, implants are supposed to stand out and be noticed. They’re supposed to demand attention and capture the male gaze.

In Layla’s case her gorgeous looks, outstanding dance moves and clipped, British accent did that job for her. In as such, her breasts- fake or not- have become part and parcel of a much bigger, sweeter package… and for that reason, she and they deserve credit.