Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

What to say about The Yeti that hasn’t already been said about a balled up roll of dirty toilet paper…

Hey, when you have a guy who’s over 7 feet tall, there are only so many gimmicks you can give him. So why not give him an entirely ridiculous Halloween-themed character to debut at Halloween Havoc?

There were many, many problems with this, of course. Not the least of which is that WCW doesn’t understand what a yeti is. There are a few interpretations, depending on the region we’re talking about, but by and large, a yeti is an ape-like or bear-like man in the mold of Big Foot.

A yeti is not a mummy.

But semantics aside, the proper way to introduce a creature who’s supposed to be even more powerful than The Giant doesn’t involve him tag team dry-humping Hulk Hogan in the middle of the ring for 20 seconds too long.