Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

With a taste for human flesh and a fondness for wearing a giant bull’s head to the ring, Mantaur would have been an insanely awesome character if the creative team in charge of creating this gimmick had left the details at that. He’s a cannibal who wears a f–king cow head to the ring? That’s easily creepier than Kane, even during his best years.

But the mask was supremely silly (remember, this was pre-Attitude days, so they couldn’t go too far with it) and his entire move set consisted of charging attacks and stomps. Oh, and he routinely “moo-ed” after performing a big maneuver.

And rather than get as slyly creepy with the whole “taste for human flesh” thing, they showed Mantaur pigging out at a buffet of foods that were definitely not made from humans.