Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

Look, there were some moments of genuine creepiness during Snitzky’s second run with the WWE, as the hairless, mentally-unstable sadist. But his initial run with the company will forever be summarized in one moment.

This one:

When the creative team attempted to play up Snitsky’s role in Lita’s kayfabe miscarriage (because…goddammit…ratings?), with the big goateed neanderthal taunting Lita about the death of her unborn child (ugh), it became clear in one breathtakingly loony segment during an episode of Raw that they’d run clean out of ways to make this angle seem even more heinous.

So…baby punt. That happened. That’s a thing that happened and will always be a thing that happened no matter how much WWE tries to downplay it in the future. And it was hilarious. Go back up and look at the gif again. It’s still hilarious, even considering the terrible context of it all.

It didn’t help that he had the acting abilities of a fish sandwich and always talked like a character from a Scooby Doo blooper reel.