Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

Kizarny was favorably described as the lovechild of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Doink the Clown. So right up front, there’s a big question as to what level of creepiness this character is supposed to bring into the ring. Is he going to be the dark, sadistic snake-charmer? Or is he going to be the latter stages of the mischievous (but harmless) jester?

But when he debuted in the ring against an unenthusiastic MVP (who knew going into the match how ridiculous this gimmick was going to appear), Kizarny showed himself to be little more than a watered-down

Even in his initial promos (set against the backdrop of a carnival so saturated with color that even mid-00’s Tim Burton would be turned off), the scariest characteristic of Kizarny is that he spoke in a made-up variation of Pig Latin.

Watching him in the ring was like watching your drunk, coked-out uncle trying to perform gymnastics in a cluttered foyer. It was a great deal of fun to watch…but for all the wrong reasons.