Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

Awww, look at that big ol’ fluffy giant. He’s…he’s kind of cute, really.

Honestly, it’s tough to look at a character like Giant Gonzalez and truly believe that WWE creative thought this was a character worthy of striking fear into the heart of anyone. (Unless those people were terrified of poorly airbrushed onesies.)

Putting him in a feud with The Undertaker was the quickest way to discredit any sort of menace Gonzalez was supposed to have, as the mere sight of the legitimately ominous Dead Man alongside this weirdly “nude” dude with removable forearm hair made audiences cringe with awkwardness instead of fear.

Ultimately, the former NBA star Jorge González was too sweet of a guy to portray anything other than a lovable giant with a peculiar case of hirsutism.