Top 10 Wrestlers Who Were Unintentionally Hilarious

Wrestlers that we were supposed to be scared of, but ended up laughing at

Ian Hodgkinson was better known in WCW by the name Vampiro. Why Vampiro? Because Ian Hodgkinson is a terrible ring name. The problem with being called Vampiro, though, is that it set up certain expectations for the audience. Namely, that he was a vampire. Which he was not.

What Vampiro amounted to was little more than a gothic punk rock enthusiast with a penchant for painting his face to look like a skeleton. He wore a leather vest, sported dreadlocks, and spoke in the type of vague metaphors that would confuse even the Ultimate Warrior.

Rather than go full-on with the “brooding Vampire” gimmick a la Gangrel, Vampiro cobbled together bits from every ill-defined monster he could think of, turning the character into a bland (often laughable) character. “Oh…now he likes to set people on fire? So he’s a vam-pyromaniac? Sure…that makes sense”.

Classic Vince Russo, or something.

It didn’t help that spent a good amount of time as a lackey for Raven and teamed up with The Insane Clown Posse. Hell, WCW thought so much of the character (which had been a major draw in Mexico in the mid-90s) that they let him feud with The KISS Demon.