Top 10 Wrestlers Who Went From Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches, the commonly used phrase for a person who starts at the bottom on the ladder of life, and makes it to the top. In wrestling, it is the same.

This list is superstars who, when they began had nothing and were nobodies, but their effort and hard work gave them the success they have achieved. Most on this list have gone past wrestling and are now thriving in other areas of life, from business, to fitness and even writing comics.

It begins with Kurt Angle, and goes through a wide variety, including Stacy Keibler, whose life beyond wrestling and ability to achieve great successes has been noted through the media. Everyone listed here started at the bottom in life and in wrestling, and carved out their own path to success. Some stayed with wrestling, like The Undertaker, others ventured into film like The Rock and Batista, and then there is JBL, who used his god given smarts to make millions and write a book about it.

Either way, the very nature of the business is all about proving yourself from an early point. There used to be no guaranteed contracts in wrestling and when you combine that with guys having to make their own way in the business, it was prone to wrestlers starting with essentially nothing in their pocket.

These stories can be sources of inspiration and motivation to everyone, even if you don’t like wrestling, the idea of starting at the bottom, and making sure you hit pay dirt one day is something to be admired.

10. AJ Lee

AJ Lee has been able to walk away from the wrestling business despite being at a relatively young age. She worked hard to get there, as she was born into a poor family. Lee often had to live in motels and cars to prevent herself from going broke. She even had to drop out of college due to being unable to pay tuition.

She invested the money she had into a WWE tryout, which proved to be the break she needed. “When I ran into financial problems I just figured that when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade.To have girls crying over me is surreal.”