Top 10 Worst Wrestling Games Ever Made

10 wrestling games you shouldn’t touch under any circumstances

Usually, whenever you see a video game based on a license from pop culture, you can be assured of total crap. (See any THQ game prior to their wrestling games for PSX and Nintendo 64 for the precedent.) Well, Simpsons Wrestling delivers this and more. Easily one of the worst games ever made, with no gameplay or strategy whatsoever.

You can tell by the lack of moves and the not-so-great graphics that this title was an obvious rush job by Fox Interactive to cash in on the Simpsons brand name while it lasts. It’s a shame, too, because had the developers taken some time to outfit each character with different moves and changed the game engine to allow out of ring fighting with goofy weapons, we could have had a winner on our hands. Sadly, Simpsons Wrestling is just a weiner.