Top 10 Worst World Champions in WWE History

2. Sgt. Slaughter

The build up to WrestleMania VII was amongst the most ridiculous things that has ever happened in pro wrestling history. The United States was about to go into a very real war with Iraq, so Vince McMahon and company decided to portray Sgt Slaughter as an “Iraqi Sympathizer” to win the title from Warrior and defend it against Hogan at WM7.

Slaughter would wave the Iraqi flag, mention that his wrestling boots were a gift from Saddam Hussein, and bring in the Iron Sheik as his manager (under the name Col. Mustafa).

Slaughter received death threats for his performance, and even wore a bullet proof vest while travelling. But none of that is what gets him ranked as the #2 worst champion of all time, what gets him on this list is how poorly this storyline flopped.

WrestleMania VII was supposed to take place at the LA Memorial Coliseum, but ticket sales were so poor it was moved to the smaller-sized LA Memorial Sports Arena. The WWE said the move in venue was because of security concerns related to Slaughter, but nobody believes that.