Top 10 Worst World Champions in WWE History

6. Mark Henry

Mark Henry has now worked as a professional wrestler with the WWE for 20 straight years. Only the Undertaker and Kane can state they’ve been doing it longer. While Henry has had his fair share of injuries and time off the road, his long-term employment by the WWE is a truly remarkable feat.

His title reign wasn’t remarkable at all however, although you can’t say that the guy didn’t deserve some type of symbolic reward for his service to the company. Henry beat Randy Orton clean for the title at Night of Champions 2011, and lost it 2 months later to the Big Show (though Daniel Bryan cashed in his MITB briefcase directly after).

There really just wasn’t much to the title reign. At the time the World Championship seemed secondary to the WWE Championship, which really puts an asterisk next to his reign.

This is not to say that Mark Henry isn’t a fantastic wrestler, with a Hall of Fame worthy career. It’s just to say his brief 2-month reign as champion was among the weakest in WWE history. It doesn’t discount all the really great stuff he did, like when he impregnated Mae Young with a prosthetic hand during the Attitude Era.