Top 10 WEE Divas who Could Be Playboy Models

Professional athletes are in incredible shape – after all, it’s their job!

They spend countless hours in the gym working on their physique so that they can perform at their full potential whenever they step onto the court or into the ring. WWE Divas are no different. They all spend countless hours in the gym working on their abs, glutes and more. Their physiques are phenomenal.

WWE Divas also have a certain distinction that separates them from other female professional athletes. While most other athletes have to show up with their team uniform, regardless of how flattering it is, and their hair out of their face so that they can focus at the game at hand, Divas have a bit more leeway. After all, having some sex appeal is part of the job description. When they take the stage, Divas usually have absolutely flawless make-up, their hair is often loose and sexy, and their outfits are skimpy and completely flattering to the specific Diva who has selected it.

Since they’re in incredible shape and are constantly strutting around looking super sexy, it’s absolutely no surprise that several WWE Divas have gotten the call from Hef and decided to take it all off in order to be featured in Playboy. For current Divas, just take a look at the French Canadian bombshell Maryse’s spread. If you’re more of a classic Divas kind of person, check Torrie Wilson, Maria, or any of Sable’s spreads.

Yes, there are countless Divas who have said yes to the Playboy call – but what about the ones who haven’t? Now, unless they’re very outspoken about it, we often don’t know who has been asked to do a pictorial and who hasn’t. Some Divas on this list may very well have turned the opportunity down, meaning you might not ever see all their goods in a Playboy pictorial. Other Divas may just never have been asked yet, which means that if you’re hoping to see all aspects of their physique, you might still get that chance.

Here are 10 Divas that we wish had graced the pages of Hugh Hefner’s infamous magazine.

10. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox’s pictorial headline practically writes itself – The Foxy One, as she calls herself on her Instagram account. Fox is a newer Diva who had the distinction of being the first African-American WWE Divas Champion and is also one of the Divas featured on the popular E! series Total Divas. Fox has posed in a variety of super sexy (and skimpy) bikinis and outfits, but has yet to grace Playboy’s pages. Who knows – it could be one of the next steps in her red hot career.