Top 10 Sexiest non-WWE Female Wrestlers

There’s a big world outside of the WWE for women’s wrestling.

TNA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground have all incorporated sexy ladies into their programming and the indy circuit has its fair share as well.Here is the list of 10 Top Hottest Female Wrestlers Not In WWE.

1. Reby Sky , Indies

Yes, she’s Mrs. Matt Hardy, but she’s also a pretty darn good wrestler. It would be easy to point at Reby Sky and label her as the best, and best looking, women’s wrestler who never made it with a national promotion, despite flirting with the big time.

Whether her connection to Hardy has helped her career or hurt it could be debated, but the two have been largely inseparable on the indy circuit for about four years now, with Sky only stopping over the last year to give birth to the husband and wife’s first child. She hasn’t made her intentions known on if she’s going to return to the ring or stay at home and call it a career.