Top 10 Most Unbelievable Stories About Vincent Kennedy McMahon

WWE writer Dan Madigan told PWTorch editor Wade Keller:

“It’s one of these stories that always repeats itself. I think the idea was they were trying to work an angle with Big Show and – like Andre (the Giant), here’s a guy who is so physically big and physically imposing – what can you do to get over on Big Show? And how are you going to do it?
“I think they were going to poison Big Show and give him a spiked burrito. The whole concept was: ‘We’re going to spike his food, spike the burrito, you cut to a vignette before that showing him eating it, and then he passes out in the ring.’ So, Vince goes, ‘Burrito?! Who the hell knows what a burrito is?’ It was such a far concept. And everyone in the room goes, ‘Well, we know what a burrito is.’ And Vince goes, ‘Well, where the hell have I been?’
“But, the funny thing is, Wade, every day at noon, Vince’s secretary would walk into the office – the writing room – with a burrito. It was a steak-wrap cut in half. And he would put ketchup on it. Every day, he was eating a burrito and not knowing what it was. But, that’s the idea – when you’re in a bubble and in a business where you’re ostracized from society, it’s you and them, that’s it. Everyone else is an outsider, so things like that do make sense in the confines of the wrestling world.”