Top 10 Moments of Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Career

Being Vince McMahon’s kid must be kind of fun – and probably kind of weird – considering the business Vince has grown from a northeast territory promotion to a worldwide wrestling company.

Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, has been able to grow up in this business, being around people like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Pat Patterson, just to name a few. With all of this experience, it wasn’t a huge surprise when Steph became an on-screen talent back in 1999 playing the role of Vince’s “super sweet daughter” and she was pretty terrible at the role.

Like anything, it took some practice before Stephanie found her stride in the WWE, and when she turned bad by aligning herself with Triple H, that’s when she started to find her on-screen character. After taking a few breaks away from TV, she’s returned over the past couple of years to join Triple H as part of the heel stable, The Authority. During this time, she wrestled in a match against Brie Bella, and was a big part of Daniel Bryan’s rise to the top of the WWE.

Throughout the years, Stephanie has been in some interesting situations, which have been gathered and put into one convenient article. So, here are 16 must see pictures of Stephanie McMahon that include bikinis, spankings, and even blonde hair!

10. Sexy Workout

Stephanie is around 37 when this picture was taking, looking in amazing shape for not only 37, but after having three daughters. There are a few different pictures from this shoot, but this one is great because she’s showing her McMahon strength by lifting a giant tire – simple and effective.

Over the past few years, the WWE has cultivated a relationship with Muscle & Fitness as well as sending their NXT wrestlers to the Arnold Sports Festival. Triple H has always been a workout fanatic and if you follow Steph on social media, you’ll see her working out all the time.