Top 10 Hottest WWE Superstars Daughters

It often happens that kids turn to the same professions as their parents, and the WWE is no different.

The girls grow up and watch their parents hanging out with people from their own profession and that undeniably makes an impact and has led to some tremendous wrestlers. Although they may not join the sport in the same capacity as their parents, there is still no denying that there is still a wrestling association in their life.

The first reason may be the natural flair towards the sport. The second is the backing of their parents, readily available advice on the sport and an easy route into the industry. Getting something through connections isn’t the same as starting out fresh and these smart girls know it. On this list are the hottest daughters of WWE Superstars who chose to take advantage of their parents’ legacy in some way or the other.

If you have followed wrestling for long and had seen these girls as tiny tots with their Mama and Papa, then let us warn you that these chicks are all grown up and have come into their own and are also absolutely amazing to look at! These girls are smart and good looking. Even though they had their parents to back them up, they could not have made it this far without a bit of talent and their hot looks.

10. Noelle Foley

The stunning daughter of Mick Foley has chosen not to pursue a career as an in-ring performer. Instead, she hosts shows on YouTube. She is very active on social media and relays her thoughts related to wrestling on them. She said in an interview— “I was literally born into wrestling. It’s all I’ll ever know, well, I hope I’ll know more, but yeah I’ve just grown into it.

I watch every week. Go to a bunch of shows.” She surely seems to love wrestling even if the passion for it may not be as strong as her father’s. There were rumors she was training to perform inside the ring, but nothing has manifested yet. It sure would be a different experience watching her there.