Top 10 Hottest Women John Cena Has Dated

Even non-wrestling fans know the name of John Cena. He’s like the modern day Hulk Hogan: He’s so popular that he transcends the world of professional wrestling.

He has been called the face of the WWE. After making his main roster debut in the WWE in 2002, he would go on to etch his name in the history books of the organization with 24 total championships, 15 of which are World Championships.

His popularity in the ring has led to popularity out of it, as he’s starred or made appearances in a number of movies, including The Marine, 12 Rounds, Sisters, and a particularly memorable performance in Trainwreck. He’s also appeared in TV shows like Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live, and MADtv. And as if that’s not enough, he’s also a musician (if you can call it that). His debut hip-hop album, You Can’t See Me, which includes his entrance song, “The Time Is Now,” reached number three on the Billboard list of US Rap Albums.

Among his many accomplishments is his ability to attract members of the opposite sex. Like CM Punk, Cena has acquired a reputation for being a ladies’ man, as he is believed to have dated a number of women in the WWE, including his current girlfriend, Nikki Bella (in fact, it might have been quicker to name the women he hasn’t hooked up with). His penchant for beautiful women got him in trouble when he was married and many have speculated that it was the source of his divorce from his wife and high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau.

So without further ado, here’s the list of the top 10 hottest women that John Cena has hooked up with. Some of these hookups are known facts, while others are merely rumors.

10. Mickie James

According to Kenn Doane, Cena’s divorce from his wife Liz was the result of his affair with Mickie James, a former TNA Knockout, one-time Divas Champion and five-time WWE Women’s Champion. To make matters worse, James was also in a relationship with Doane at the time.

This wasn’t the only allegation of infidelity laid against Cena. His ex-wife believed that he had had several affairs throughout their relationship, and her lawyer said to TMZ, “We’re definitely following up on every lead relative to his being unfaithful before AND after the separation.”

Mickie James has since moved on from Cena and married Nick Aldis, otherwise known as Magnus, an English wrestler and former TNA Heavyweight champion currently working for GFW Global Champion.