Top 10 Hot Photos of Former WWE Diva Maryse

Maryse burst onto the scene in WWE during the 2006 Raw Diva Search.

While the contest was eventually won by Layla, she was still offered a contract by WWE and began training at their developmental territory which at the time was called FCW. As you’re about to see, with her looks, it’s easy to see why the WWE didn’t want to let her go.

She had no wrestling experience when she tried out for WWE which meant that she had to be trained fully for almost two years before she could make her first Smackdown appearance.

WWE played off her French-Canadian roots and she quickly became one of the biggest heel Divas on the brand. It’s also no coincidence that WWE decided to create the Divas Championship merely months after her debut.

She became a big hit with the WWE Universe over the next few years which culminated in her winning her first Divas Championship, and in the process becoming the first ever French-Canadian Diva to hold the belt. This incidentally saw her switched over to Raw in 2009, it’s here that she truly shone on WWE’s flagship show. Her hard work paid off and she became the longest reigning Divas Champion in history, a title she held for almost five years.

Maryse then lifted the title again in 2010, becoming the first ever Diva to have held the championship twice, another record that had a lengthy span. After she dropped the Championship to Eve Torres, Maryse noticeably became less and less active on WWE’s main roster and instead had made the switch to NXT. She was then released from her WWE contract merely months later in October 2011 after having a hernia surgery.

Maryse held two big records during her time in WWE and has already assured her place in WWE’s history. Yet as talented as she was in the ring, she may have been even better in front of a camera.

Here are 10 of the best photos of Maryse that were taken during her stint in the spotlight.

10. Hottest Woman in WWE History?

Maryse was once voted the eighth hottest woman in WWE History, and given that that is a long history of some of the most beautiful women to ever grace TV screens, that is an incredible achievement.

When Maryse takes part in photo shoots like the following image, it makes it easy to see why fans would vote her so highly. Once again in her own unique way Maryse is pictured in the shortest pair of shorts in the history of clothing and a rather short top. If this wasn’t hot enough, she appears to be dripping wet and looking like she’s standing outside of a shower.