Top 10 Extreme Body Transformations in Wrestling History

4. Sting

Not all extraordinary body transitions are directly related to muscle or fat, gained or lost. Sting was once the body builder surfer guy with a blonde flat top and loud face paint. After Hulk Hogan turned his back on WCW, creating the nWo, we would see a new Stinger over the course of the coming weeks. Sting had dropped the surfer look and adopted a look that was almost identical to Brandon Lee’s Crow character in the 90s film.

Sting also appeared to have shed some muscle mass taking on a thinner more toned look. With the subtle body composition changes behind the drastic aesthetic changes, Sting’s transformation was one of the most extraordinary in wrestling. The man reinvented himself on just about every potential avenue. One thing remained constant: Sting being one of the greatest in the wrestling business, regardless of what he looks like.