Top 10 Extreme Body Transformations in Wrestling History

5. Buff Bagwell

Marcus Alexander Bagwell was always a guy who was in pretty good shape as a member of the ever-cheesy American Males tag team in WCW. However, late 90s Buff Bagwell was a guy who was more impressive looking than anyone on the roster. Some may even say he was more impressive than his partner at the time, Scott Steiner. Buff was rocking a more defined look without having sacrificed any body mass to get this look.

He had muscles on top of muscles. Buff achieved some success as a singles competitor in WCW and was poised to have a singles push in WWE, before allegedly missing tour dates and having his mother call in sick for him. That’s neither here nor there. Bagwell’s transition from Marcus Alexander to Buff The Stuff was a very drastic and noticeable transition.