Top 10 Extreme Body Transformations in Wrestling History

8. Rey Mysterio

Not to be outdone by one of his greatest influences, Eddie Guererro, Rey underwent drastic changes in his appearance as well. We all remember the high-flying, fly-weight Rey Mysterio Jr duing his early run in WCW. He was flying through the air, showing us moves we hadn’t seen before and, at 160 pounds, he was one of the smallest competitors to capture the collective imagination of wrestling fans that we had ever seen.

After WCW came to a close, we would see a much heftier Rey Mysterio, boasting more muscle mass after debuting on SmackDown. Rey went from tights to loose fitting pants, and at times during his WWE run we would also see him in a vest, covering his midsection after an obvious weight gain. We’ve seen a very young thin Mysterio, a bulkier more chiseled Mysterio, and a slightly chunky Mysterio. In any event, no matter what he looks like, he can still put on an entertaining show with the best of ’em.