Top 10 Extreme Body Transformations in Wrestling History

9. Eddie Guererro

Eddie Guererro started off as an average looking guy who also happened to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. After being sidelined by a car accident for several months, Eddie returned to WCW Monday Nitro looking to have added a few pounds of pure muscle. Eddie looked to be in the best shape of his career, looking like a million bucks in his return match against Juventud Guererra.

This upward trend of increased physical stature for Eddie reached an exponential period of growth during his career in WWE. Eddie’s chest, biceps, triceps, traps, and neck were all significantly larger than before. If you were watching Eddie Guererro at WCW World War 3 1996, you might not recognize the guy celebrating in the ring at WrestleMania XX. Eddie took on quite the metamorphosis, from Cruiserweight to Heavyweight.