Top 10 Extreme Body Transformations in Wrestling History

A body is one of the most important assets for anyone in the business of professional wrestling.

Whether a wrestler is a muscle bound body-builder, a physical giant, a high-flying cruiserweight, or a guy who looks like he drinks a twelve pack every night, it’s no doubt that what you see today may not be what you see tomorrow.

The rough, rugged life of a pro wrestler leads to a lot of injuries which often have long term effects on a wrestlers’ physique. Also, the desire to get a good position on the card has caused several wrestlers to hit the weights and whatever other means they need for success. Some guys are just genetic freaks and seem to have a knack for waking up in the morning ripped to shreds. Then, some lose weight and others find it, the case for many aging or injured wrestlers.

We are not here to call light to any methods or training aids that wrestlers may employee. We’re simply here to look at 15 of the most extraordinary body transformations in wrestling history, whether they be for better or worse. Blame it on age, blame it on injury, accredit to hard work and diet, bodies are ever changing in wrestling, some of course far more noticeable and drastic than others.

What changes come to mind, wrestling fans? I’m sure that a few of the names just imagined are contained within our list. Perhaps a few were left out that could just have easily made a longer list. However, we’re here to talk about the top 15. Whether you agree or disagree, I hope you enjoy the list, the photos, and the article. Also keep in mind, that these guys have done a lot to their bodies and taken a lot of abuse for the sake of our entertainment, some of these are a result of this fact. Disclaimer aside, let’s begin.

10. John Morrison

John Morrison crept into the WWE developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, in 2002. He came into his Tough Enough tryouts and developmental run in pretty decent shape. However, Morrison showed a tremendous work ethic in OVW and his constant improvement in the ring was noticeable. As he became better in the ring between 2002 and 2004, his body also greatly improved. He had gone from good shape by a high school athlete standard to a full blown fitness model, eventually appearing on the cover of Muscle & Fitness by 2010.

Morrison’s body enhancement would not be limited to aesthetics, as he clearly became a better athlete. Outside of wrestling, Morrison began training in parkour, a “free running” style that requires peak physical fitness. Morrison went from skinny aspiring wrestler with decent muscle tone to one of the most impressive bodies in WWE history. No, it’s not too outlandish to think he could hold his own in a pose down with Ravishing Rick Rude.