Top 10 Dumbest Gimmick Matches in WWE History

Stupidest gimmick matches the WWE ever came up with

The main event of the February 5 2008 RAW could have easily been a throwback to the old ECW – the Gulf of Mexico match between CM Punk and Chavo Guerrero, which had to be won by one of them throwing the other into the Gulf of Mexico. Except it was actually the Corpus Christi Bay, which was right outside the Corpus Christi, Texas arena where the event took place. CM Punk ended up winning by GTSing Chavo into the murky water. Even though it was certainly a memorable match, there were a couple of things wrong with it. One was that the 11-minute match got out of the ring right at the start, dooming it to be more of a brawl than an awesome technical match Chavo and Punk were capable of putting on. The other is the main event of RAW ending outside of the ring, having the headline band play out on the big screen instead of on the stage.