Top 10 Divas Who Acted In Movies

6. Kimberly Page

For those who remember Kimberly Page, you will know that she never spent any actual time with the WWE, she in fact spent her entire six year career with then rival WCW. Most of her time in wrestling was served as a valet, primarily with her then real life husband Diamond Dallas Page, and as a founder and member of the Nitro Girls who would dance for fans on Monday Nitro.

Kimberly was an active participate in some feuds with the likes of Miss Elizabeth and Miss Hancock, and WCW also put her in the ring for a small number of actual matches; and she also posed with other WCW women in a non-nude spread for Penthouse.

After retiring from the industry, Page went on to pursue an acting career, a career which saw her play a character in a deleted scene in 2001’s Rat Race, and a starring role in an independent film called The Scam Artist. Her most well known role however, came in the “Date-A-Palooza” scene of The-40-Year-Old-Virgin, where she played Carol, a character whose breast fell out of her shirt while she was in the middle of speaking.