Top 10 Divas Who Acted In Movies

8. Paige

By now, nearly all of us know Paige’s story, as we have heard it so often. Her entire family is involved with wrestling in England, her mom was wrestling without knowing that she was pregnant with her, Paige herself started wrestling at 13, she wrestled under the name Britani Knight, and has wrestled with and against her mom.

The self-proclaimed Anti-Diva would go on to thrive in NXT, becoming its Women’s Champion, she then got called up to the main roster in 2014, where at only 21 years old, she won the Divas Champion (the youngest one in history). She went on to win the title again, and then later ignited the flame that turned into the “Divas Revolution.”

In the middle of her young main roster career though, she took some time off to shoot a WWE Studios produced movie called Santa’s Little Helper, which saw her play the main antagonist, an elf who wanted to become the next Santa’s Little Helper.